A passion for gardens, gardening and Caribbean beaches inspire my paintings.

Drawn to the harmony, order and chaos of nature, I create paintings that convey the sensory experience of landscape and flora, garden and beach.

Composing surface texture and colour, I work to interpret the rhythms and patterns of nature that surround me.  I layer oil paint, scrape it down and revise my composition over time until a fusion of imagination, understanding, feeling and experience emerges to evoke a unique sense of place.

The beach treasure paintings evolved from a painting diary I began about a year ago to record items of interest collected from the beach on Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

These items are odds and ends, both organic and man-made – beach detritus to some, but treasures to me.  I choose them to assemble a variety of shapes, colours and textures, often including shells, wood, coral, stones and plant matter.  Just as often however, I pick up real detritus, plastic, metal and rope as a reminder that everything we discard sooner or later comes back to us.


1949  Born London, England.

1966  Foundation course, St. Alban’s Art College.

1967-68 Barnet College of Art, Environmental Design Course.

1969-71 Birmingham College of Art, School of Theatre Design.

1971-75 Lived in New York City and the British Virgin Islands.

1976 Moved to Toronto, Canada.

1978-81 Student at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD).

1981-92 Worked in advertising and design in New York and Toronto.

1993-94 Fine Arts Degree, Ontario College of Art.

1995 Returned to painting.  Lived in Florence, Italy.  Studied history of art and architecture. Returned to the UK.

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